An_249991 posted:
I just came across the food tracker and I'm excited to use it however I can't get it to add my food. Help Aub
totallywiggedout responded:
Hi , sweety. When you clik on the time of meal, breakfast or whatever, up will come the search bar. chk to see if your food is already in the system, clik the best, or closest choice to your intake item and then clik add, then when the item comes up it'll ask how many servings you had of it, then clik add again and it should put it in the right meal.
If you made your own recipe, and you want to add it, clik on the meal, then when the search box comes up, scroll to the bottom and clik the add your own, then fill in the blanks and clik add or add to favorites (if it's something you will be eating again and again its best to add to favorites list)
Once in favorites, you just open your favorites list, and clik add and it'll ask when you ate it and how much, then just clik add and it'll log it for you.
hope this helps
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