Juicing Fast
elvisfan posted:
I have just started the juice fast this morning. Going to do a 3 day. EEverything I've juices as tasted good but I have a feeling in my throat like I could throw up. Is this normal?
jemimahhernandez responded:
Experts believe that one- to three-day juice cleanse can be a part of a healthy eating plan they say its a weight loss for a very short period of time.

Eating a simple diet gives your digestive system a rest, but ultimately the job of detoxification is left up to specific organs.
Eat light food like fruit, fruit salads, vegetable soups, cottage cheese and other light foods.

Coming to raw food diet, you can eat all you want as

Uncooked part of the diet, eat fresh, raw vegetables and fruits. Don't forget nuts, too. If they are raw, they count.

Cooked portion could include whole grain breads and pasta, brown rice, cooked beans, lentils, cooked vegetables including potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, squash and other foods that you like. Meat is not recommended, nor is chicken or turkey.

And little bit of daily routine exercise like walking,cycling.