weight gain after gastric bypass
txbmw1970 posted:
I had my surgery in Nov of 2006 i weighed in at 370 preop and dropped to 125 by 2009 but i was extremelly anemic and under weight being 5'8" and having a large bone structure. My Dr. pretty much demanded i gain weight putting me on ensure and iron. Im now at a weight of 190 and feel extremelly heavy. Im working on getting down to the ideal weight for my height and bone structure i know i cando it by starting over just if i had had the surgery yesterday instead of almost 7 yrs ago. Good Luck to all and dont give up..
Kulsingh responded:
hi i had gastric sleeve 1 and half years back ...lost 60kgs..i m 5 11 n large bone structure.. i look so dam weak .want to gain sum weight back ..tell after how much time did u started gaining.?