Holy Moley Batman...
LuvMySpencerPup posted:
Yesterday a friend from church brought my husband and me a home baked sour cream pound cake!

Eeeeek!!!! Double Eeeeeek!

Even though my feet felt like running for the hills, I of course, graciously thanked her...smelled the lovely aroma thru the packaging and almost fainted on the spot, with drool running down my chin.

However I have NOT had any... ok, truth here... 1 square inch that my husband forced on me...and that is all!!!!

It is sitting on our kitchen counter, still wrapped, still smelling oh sooooo yummy and I have had no more.

Today it is finding a new home...most likely with my grand kids.

I may cry for a while and go into mourning but I'm changing my eating habits for the long haul.

I think I'll go give it a nice long sniff before I send it away.

Have a great day everyone,