Waht is a safe suger substitute?
eeyore0910 posted:
I keep hearing conflicting information regarding sugar substitues. Can you give me some direction?
LuvMySpencerPup responded:
Hi there eeyore..

I too am conflicted my the information out there.

One thing I do know, and this is for me only, I cannot use any substitute for real sugar.

I get terrific headaches when I do ... and I listen to my body.

So with that, I limit my add on sugar intake and count calories.

Hope you find your own answers.

LuvMySpencerPup replied to LuvMySpencerPup's response:
My new signature applies to this email LOL
~Stacy and all my typos :)
jemimahhernandez responded:
Few suggestions that might help you...

The best natural sugar substitutes are honey,maple syrup,fruit juice,molasses,coconut sugar.

PetuniaPea responded:
A few more: stevia (zero calories; naturally from a leaf in South America; make sure the only ingredient is stevia, no fillers), agave nectar (lower in calories than sugar; low glycemic index making it suitable for diabetics; comes from a cactus flower), xylitol (zero calories; comes from nature as well; health benefits include improving teeth and fighting cavities, helping with ear and sinus infections).
totallywiggedout replied to jemimahhernandez's response:
Hi Jemimah, not just maple syrup, but maple sugar (different than brown sugar)

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