Eating after dinner
An_250425 posted:
How the heck can I stop the munchies after dinner? I find that once I sit in my recliner I am susceptible to wanting to eat something. Sometimes I am good and have a piece of fruit or a low fat yogurt. Other times its cookies and milk or tea. I have almost no will power. What are your suggestions to help me curb these urges.
jemimahhernandez responded:
I eat popcorn after dinner most stops me from eating other junk food. Also because of the salt intake I drink more water which also helps to fill me up.

Just make sure you get the smart pop or something low in calories.

Also you can try brushing your teeth. Some people says it helps them stop eating. I'm not sure on that one.

An_249544 responded:
Munchies are a problem for me as well, especially at night. I've found that chewing gum can help. Also tuning into my body can help. A lot of times, late night munchies is your body telling you it's tired. When I get those cravings, I have to mentally tell myself 'you aren't hungry, you are tired, go to sleep'. This helps spmetimes.