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Understanding About The Different Calories In A Banana
greatar4 posted:
The Nutritional Content in Each Serving of a Banana - Bananas have an abundance of natural goodness in them, because they contain vitamins, fiber and potassium. Also, you can get a natural helping of healthy carbohydrates, sugar and fat, as well as a healthy dose of vitamin C and minerals. Furthermore, bananas contain fluoride, sodium, fructose, proteins and magnesium.

Most people might not be aware, but bananas do not have any cholesterol in them. Actually, this healthy fruit balances out or combats high levels of cholesterol in the body. Additionally, bananas offer amazing benefits with regards to a balanced diet, because they complement weight loss, promote healthy bones and prevent cancer.

Surprisingly, bananas are capable of defeating ulcers because of the bacteria eradicators they contain. These reduce acidity levels and help to ease ulcers over the long run. Also, this amazing yellow fruit helps to fight Anemia. The significant iron content assists with improving the circulation of the hemoglobin function. Thus, bananas ought to be part of the daily diets of all people who suffer from Anemia.

For immediate relief, bananas assist with relaxation due to the serotonin conversion inside the body. Also, they help to relieve constipation. For those who wish to quit smoking, eating bananas can help you to ease the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. In view of all the incredible health benefits this one simple fruit can bring, it is hardly any wonder that bananas are often referred to as a "wonder food".

The Calories in a Banana - To learn how many calorie in a banana, you will have to look at its' size. For bananas that are roughly 81 grams and about 6 inches long, they contain 75 calories. Usually, these bananas would be classed as extra small bananas. For small bananas that are roughly 6 or 7 inches long, they contain about 90 calories. For medium sized bananas, which are about 7 to 8 inches long, they are 105 calories. For large bananas, that are approximately 8 to 9 inches long, they have 120 calories in them. For extra-large bananas, you could expect an intake of around 135 calories.

Obviously, bananas are frequently used as a flavoring in sweets or desserts, due to their fructose content and natural sugar. Different forms of bananas contain varying amounts of calories as well. In a 100 gram bag of fried banana chips, there are 519 calories. In a 100 gram banana bread slice, you could expect 237 calories.

The subtly sweet and refreshing flavors of banana milkshakes have 610 calories. This is more than a 100 gram banana fritter, which contains 155 calories. Bananas can taste absolutely gorgeous when included alongside ice cream and topped with nuts and cherries. However, be wary, you may have second thoughts after discovering that 100 grams of banana split has 166 calories in it.

When you next decide to buy a banana and utilize it for an extra sweet dessert, pause for thought and assess whether you wish to indulge yourself, or just eat it peeled and fresh. After you find out the how many calories in a banana , you may opt to take a different approach in how you eat it.

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