Calories in/Calories out
getinbetbr posted:
If blood work is all fine, can anyone explain why you wouldn't lose weight when you expend apx. 5-700 cal. more than you eat (target 1,200) daily?
jis4judy responded:
Hi if you are counting calories and weighing and measureing everything you eat and drink and it still comes to 1200 cals you must be very short to need less than that to remove weight.. are you exerciseing at all ? and maybe have the doc recheck your thyroid also the quality of calories is also important use the food and exercise logger on this site or one of the other ones like fitday they are all free to use you maybe surprised at how much you really eat
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PetuniaPea responded:
Starvation mode.

Doing too much exercise. Not eating enough. That combination is stressing your body and stopping your metabolism from working properly.

The fix. Don't exercise as strenuously and eat more. You can still lose weight by consuming 1600-1800 calories. Maybe not as fast, but remember, slow and steady wins the race.