scarring and disfigurement after weight loss
Syrwolfie posted:
I am currently under going weight loss, the hard way. I have lost a total of 175 pounds and I have a ways to go. I started last year and I have modified my diet and exercise regularly to shed the pounds away. However as I undergo this transformation, I realize that my demons for which I have conquered in order to achieve this state of mind to move forward in my journey to shed weight, will forever haunt me now. This is due to the fact that despite my achievement in weight loss I will have all of this skin and disfiguring scarring all over me. Unlike other addictions, where is you are able to overcome them and everyday walk further past that terrible history you do not have to constant look in the mirror or others can "see" your transgressions. Weight however is another thing all together, what do you say to someone who doesn t have thousands of dollars to not be discouraged. I am angered sometimes when I look into the mirror. That all the work I am doing is still going to be in vain. I know I am going to be healthy, but a woman still want to be and feel pretty too.