After weight loss, do I need to have a stomach tuck done?
Andycab2105 posted:
I am on a diet and losing weight, I need to lose just over 100LBS. I am wondering, do I need to have a tummy tuck on my stomach area, for as the saying goes, I have a "beer belly". I would appreciate any feed back on this
totallywiggedout responded:
Hi Andycab,
I think if you actually went to a plastic surgeon and discussed this and your desire to lose 100 lbs, that he/she would suggest losing most of the weight first and maintaining that weightloss for x amount of time before having a tuck. There is always excess skin when an adult loses a significant amount of weight. It tightens up some during and then again during maintenance, but not fully. So why put yourself through a tuck before , and then maybe have to have it done again because of the "apron" flap you may develop from weightloss?
Best to wait.
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