gastric bypass surgery
christine0255 posted:
I had GBS in 98, I went from 264 to 149 lbs as of today I am back up to 227. I tired all the over the counter diet pills, plus some that I brought online. I tried all the things that Dr Oz talks about as well but nothing is working. has anyone else had this problem? I can not find a Dr or site that has any answers. I joined a gym and go 3 times per week but the weight is not coming off. I am getting very depressed and I am back to not looking at myself in the mirror. If anyone has any answers please let me know via email.
brunosbud responded:
Hi Christine0255, not to be rude, but...

Where in the world are you getting your information? Where ever it may be, are you sufficiently convinced, now, to never, ever go back?

A pedometer is a simple tool that count steps. You place it in your pocket when you rise in the morning and you leave it there until you sleep at night...

  1. A pedometer measures your total activity, daily, including whatever you do at the gym.
  2. A pedometer gives you credit for exercise even on days you don't go to the gym.
  3. A pedometer makes you accountable.
  4. A pedometer provides trustworthy & reliable information (no bulsht, half-truths or he said-she-said garbage).
  5. A pedometer sets a target for you to strive for, everyday, and when you accomplish your goal you feel good about yourself.
  6. A pedometer never lies or spares your feelings.
  7. A pedometer will help you rebuild your body from the ground up.
  8. A pedometer eats only an occasional battery.
  9. A pedometer will never give you excuses like, "Not today...I've got a headache".
  10. A pedometer will remind you, "Hey, you didn't give your fork the day off, so, let's not give us the day off, either."
  11. By using a pedometer, you don't have to trust anyone, again (not me, not Dr. Oz, or whatever worthless sources you been getting your information from)...just, yourself!
  12. A pedometer puts your belief and self commitment to the test, everyday.
  13. In the end, the pedometer reveals who you really are...

Gradually build to 10,000 steps/day and repeat, rain or shine, 365, for the rest of your natural days. Good luck, christine0255!