Need PCP that Supports Medifast in Maryland
azbridgie posted:
In January of this year I started Take Shape for Life (Medifast program). I have been very successful thus far but do not have the support I would like from my PCP. My starting weight was 344, I'm 5'7", 35 year old female. My current weight is 298. The program is working and I feel great.

However, at a follow-up appointment this week, my PCP was no longer supportive of me using Medifast foods. It was very discouraging. I am open to changing my PCP but I'm having a difficult time finding one that is familiar with Medifast.

Does anyone have suggestions of a PCP in Maryland? Or route for finding a new one? I live just south of Baltimore but would be willing to travel within Maryland for the right doctor.

I just didn't know where else to ask, so I thought I would try here.

Thank you all,