weight loss
An_251034 posted:
hello WebMD, I just wanna thnk u for giving me this great opportunity to be here. pls I really want to lose weight before june this year. I have tried eeverything but I just keep going back and it doesn't work. plsssss need you guys to encourage me and help me. thnx
happynluv responded:
I understand, I am going through the same thing. I have started over so many times. I still won't give up. I am starting again, we can support each other. I really want to lose 30lbs. I start out great, then I go back to old habits. I really need encouragement too!
omoyemenzack replied to happynluv's response:
yeah, thnx. got ur reply. guess we really need to encourage each other cos i'm getting tired of this own thing. 2dy v gat this urge to make it work and the other day i'm going back. how do we make this work pls?
brunosbud responded:
What do you "plan" to eat?...I think you know what you should eat...But, do you think about how you're going to make that change?

"...I just keep going back and it doesn't work..."

If you don't have a plan, plan to fail. If you're going to "go back", again, maybe it would be wise to have a plan this time?

My advice to you is to focus all your attention on foods you shouldn't eat. Stop eating, subconsciously, and think about everything you put in your mouth. Hint: if it's oily, fatty, salty or sweet, most likely, its should not go there...