Food questions.
scaredofscale posted:
I'm not sure why, but I don't usually have any real desire to eat anything that has an odor to it. What I crave is sweets and carbs. Some foods smell good at first, but by the time the meal is ready to eat, I don't want it. The worst is usually first thing in the morning. There is usally excessive saliva, almost a nausea. Is this normal?
brunosbud responded:
Assuning you're not pregnant, I suggest a complete physical performed with Complete Blood Count and Metabolic Blood panels. Ask to have A1C (diabetes) and C-Reactive Protein (inflammation) tests performed. Can be a deficiency such as zinc or Vitamin D. Can be Acid Reflux or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Can be Fatty Liver disease or early indications of kidney failure. No. It's not normal...
scaredofscale responded:
No, not PG. I'm 53, lap chole 10 years ago. No stones just sludge that was evidently blocking the duct. I agree this is kinda like morning sickness all day long. But I've learned, and now seem to gravitate towards the wrong foods. Mostly because they either have no odor or ones I don't have to cook/smell. Too many veggies and fruit and the gut motility becomes of olympic caliber. You've given me some confidence that I am not just weak, I'm not right! LOL Thanks!