Change of Taste?
Henry S Lodge, MD posted:
Many people are surprised to hear that the aging process extends even to our taste buds -- and in this case, Mother Nature's doing many of us a favor by making sweet goodies a little less enticing.

Mercifully, as you get older, your tastes change away from sweet, and a little bit more toward bitterness. You will notice that children's food tastes far too sweet (which should perhaps make us think twice about giving it to our kids). This shift in our taste makes it a little easier to move toward healthier food with less processed sugars.

Some of the bitterer, and more interesting, flavors are often found in foods that are really good for you -- root vegetables, beans, brown rice, etc. So, embrace the change and explore some new flavors!
Lefty2121 responded:
So true now I am starting to eat broccoli and don't have to put the cheese sauce on it either lol...
warrantswife responded:
This is very interesting to know. I find it very helpful. Change of taste is beneficial in my opinion to those that have a sweet tooth.
PetuniaPea replied to warrantswife's response:
Agree. I always used to say I had a sweet tooth. Ended up, I was just addicted to sugar, plain and simple. Now I don't eat any refined sugar/sugary products...I fill my plate and bowl with sweet potatoes, dates, apples, berries, bananas, etc, and feel that those foods are very satisfying to my revised "sweet tooth!"
asopw responded:
However, I have observed people say over the age of 80 really crave sweets above all things.