KittyB1957 posted:
56 y.o. female. 3 cesearans last one 1996. I have been overweight since the age of 12. Mostly emotional but some genetic traits. In May, 2010, I went on medifast under MD supervision. Lost 65 lbs by Thanksgiving. February 2011, abdominal pains started, May 2011 gall bladder out! Gained 40 of the 65 I lost back and in menopause. I have a fat roll from surgeries that I cannot exercise away. I am on Wellbutrin and Neurotin I desperately want to lost weight/lose the abdominal roll and stop my sugar addiction. Can plastic surgery be medically necessary? and I am open to what to do about the sugar addiction?
brunosbud responded:
When I visit the neighborhood grocery or hardware store and I see a 40 (& up) Something trim and fit, I'll give a nod. I know how much work it takes and the mental discipline required to maintain such a high level of fitness. From the outside looking in, most people think it silly and medieval to maintain such regimented control of both diet and exercise. But, from the inside looking out, it's effortless to do because its "habit"...Everybody has "habits". Some habits hit the mark and serve the exact purpose, intended, but certain "habits" serve little purpose other than to waste time and cause harm. Everybody would like to look like Gwyneth Paltrow. But, to Gwyneth Paltrow, she can't figure what's the fuss..."It's just 'habit' and I like to feel good."
PetuniaPea responded:
Some suggestions:

Don't stock your food with sugary items.

Phase out sugary foods over time, one at a time.

Replace sugary foods with something healthful.

For example:
Sweet potatoes
Fruit and nut bars (Larabars, for example)