what can I eat to keep the Drs, and most importantly ME happy
uncle_ut_oh posted:
Trying to figure out what I can eat and still enjoy...
it's going to be a complicated diet because of different medications etc. and for many "sicknesses or diseses i've been diagnosed with. the quick run down to my situation is as follows. I am a 50 year old male with a history of asthma, typeII diabetes,hepC,seasonal depression (Christmas time) arthoritis ....in Jan 2013 I was diagnosed with my second pulmonary embolism,(the 1st clot was back in 2004 and after several months of warafin treatments i ended up with an intra abdominal bleed and nearly died....stopped the coumadin until now.) Since the "PE" in Jan. 2013 I am on the coumadin again sadly. My protime numbers are 2.3....2.5 so that is fine. My blood glucose has been off the chart with many readings in the 4oo plus range. Two weeks ago I ended up in the ER with severe pain in my lower abdomin fearing internal bleeding again but after another CTscan (second since the PE in Jan. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis oh yea. In the mean time My Dr. retired so i'm left with some pretty bad stuff i had to discuss with my new Doctor. he's a very good Dr although he did rubber glove me on my very 1st visit......pay backs grrr
Now I will stop rambling, give you a list of my meds...with alll the new ones too. and then I would like to know what the heck I CAN eat with all of my symtoms and meds conflicting. If you tell me to eat pizza, ice cream, whole corned beefs, tator tots, LOBSTER/w/butter and did i say ice cream?? I will be your best friend and live a happy life til I drop. lol
coumadin: 7.5MG 5days a week and 10MG on Sat-Sun
metformin:1 gram each dose twice a day
Lisinopril:20Mg once a day
Advair Diskus:500-50MCG/Dose 1 puff every 12 hours
Xopenex:45mcg 2 puffs every 3 to 4 hours if/as needed
cimetidine:300MG 1 tablet twice a day
norco:10-325MG 1 tablet as needed every 6 hours
Lantus: 16 units subcutaneous once a day
just yesterday i finished my regement of cipro and flagyl for the diverticulitus and we stopped Amaryl. the registered dietitian gave me a list of foods and portions to help me loose weight and control my diabetes. she also told me "if it tastes sweet it has sugar...so NO" Half of the stuff on her "good" list are things that will hurt my diverticulitus (whole wheat bread and nuts etc.) and the other half is full of vitamin K and will affect my PT levels. how can I please all the practicing Drs and still try to be a little happy myself? I'm looking at the pros and cons and I'm thinking "would it be better to just drop dead and be fairly happy the rest of my life eating what I want and getting off all the meds? Or be an uptight grumpy old man walking on eggshells and jumping through hoops inbetween medicines, Dr.s appts, and carb counting? plus the fact that I'm scared to death being on the warafin. I was a tree trimmer/climber/logger all of my life. I have many chainsaws and other sharp things i cant operate due to warafin. i'm on a fixed income so I need to be able to cut my OWN firewood to keep warm as it's my only source of heat in the winter. I love to hike in the remote forests and canyons but with my blood being so thin and the special diet,blood tests, meds that have to stay a certain temp, and all the rest of the "dos and don'ts" I've really lost my motivation.......help! I guess I'm just frustrated and I'm venting. I will respect any input or advice. one last question, how do you stop the cravings for Butter Pecan Ice Cream? ha ha
brunosbud responded:
Well, it looks like you've taken "your" choices all the way to the very end. At this point, the very meds prescribed to you (so you can maintain some remaining quality of life) are probably causing as much harm as good. You and I (alcoholic, cigarettes and food) are both hardcore addicts, no different than any meth-head you see in the street. You think your doctors care? Sure, they may empathize, uncle_ut_oh, with your plight...But, it's not like you had no say in the matter. Trust me, they sleep plenty well at night...as do I.

The irony is, your last chance is the very same as the first one you were given, years and years, ago...a healthy diet and exercise. Your "salvation" can be found in the hills where you live. Everything that can save your life is, there...in the quiet...just waiting for you! It's always been.

You see, nobody "wants" to care for someone who doesn't. And, sadly, as we get old, uncle, we all finally realize we need people in our lives. Even more than Butter Pecan ice cream...ha, ha? Loneliness, sucks.
PetuniaPea responded:
You enjoy pizza, ice cream, whole corned beefs, tator tots, LOBSTER/w/butter...and more ice cream because your taste buds have gotten sensitized to sugar, fat, and salt! You're addicted, like practically everyone else in this country!

The good news is...you can retrain your taste buds to love the taste of fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, lentils, seeds, nuts, etc! I'm living proof.

I know you mentioned nuts as aggravating your diverticulosis...but I challenge you to eliminate wheat gluten, dairy, processed foods, fast food, soda, sugar, meat (or at least reduce the amount of meat you eat and make sure it's lean), etc...THEN reintroduce nuts and see if they are a problem!

"Eating what you want" and "being fairly happy" is not humanly possible. I can't imagine suffering from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and any other debilitating ailment as being "happy!"

Happiness is being healthy, vibrant, slim and fit, medication-free, active, alert, walking tall, and being disease-free! That starts with a healthful diet!!!!

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