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Response to Roca Labs Discussion
Ross1818 posted:
I am a physician that has treated many patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes. I had noticed this conversation and decided to add my comment.

My first thought is that I would have hoped WebMD would provide a more structured and productive forum for those of us that are dealing with weight issues. Regardless of the product, this person tried a weight loss approach for " a few days" and has not lost as much weight as she would like. I have not meet a person who tried any diet or new health/exercise program that has lost as much as they would like in only " a few days". As the moderator has mentioned, weight loss takes time and effort. Why was this not addressed when reading this persons comments?

Secondly, the post should not be considered valid since the person bought the treatment from an unauthorized seller. What was in the container? Who knows where it came from? For a person to make some dishonest money, all they have to do is put some powder, like jello of psyllium as the person suggested, in any branded container and sell it for a lot of money. In fact, maybe there was actually a laxative that was added and it caused the diarrhea.

I did go to the Roca Labs website and found the formula contains beta-glucan, konjac in a high-fiber content. I have used beta-glucan for an appetite supplement and blood glucose stabilizer in patients with type 2 diabetes. The medical literature strongly supports this. I have not used konjac but there are similar medical reports. High-fiber, as we all know, is healthy and when taken before a meal, results in a slower, more gradual absorption of sugars allowing for a reduced blood sugar spike after a meal. High amounts of fiber also cause a "fullness" feeling as well.

Lastly, some people respond very well to a treatment plan and the next person may respond poorly. For example, penicillin effectively treats most strep infections, but not all. Would it be reasonable for someone to write on these pages that penicillin is a terrible medicine because it did not rid them of a strep throat infection?...of course not.

I simply feel that these Internet discussions should be presented in a reasonable manner on reputable sites, like WebMD, and this persons report of any diet was poorly represented and should not be taken seriously.

KellieK66 responded:
Well said!
brunosbud responded:
1. Why would a diet aid manufacturer threaten legal action against their customers if they refute their product's effectiveness?

2. Why would an actual licensed physician make an anonymous endorsement of a weight loss product that worked? If you think that "...internet discussions should be presented in a reasonable manner..." and you announce, from the get-go, that you're a "physician", why didn't you identify yourself?

abnersmom replied to brunosbud's response:
Well said, Brunosbud!
An_243840 responded:
I do not understand why Roca Labs denied my application. I am very sad and quite frankly upset with the roca labs company. I have no health issues despite the fact that I need to lose weight and I went to all the trouble of researching about the company, read testimonials, and finally filling out this huge application form. I got a response through email one day later telling me that "I am not ready". I want to lose the weight and I do not see why the company wouldn't simple sell the product to me. What do you think I should do?

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