TV Japan
brunosbud posted:
I've been watching programming from Japan, of late, and I've discovered something quite interesting. There are weekly shows on the latest research and treatment of cancer, obesity, diabetes and arthritis! Also, there's regular programming on diet and nutrition, too! You don't need to see a "dietician" in Japan; there's one on TV, every week! Last weekend, I watched a TV show explaining the importance of eating green leafy vegetables (kale, swiss chard, cabbage or spinach) as the very first food you put in your mouth in the morning. Yesterday, I saw a show about dentistry and the importance of chewing foods, thoroughly, before swallowing for best digestion, best nutrition and to curb overeating. In Japan, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile are an absolute must, while poor (or missing teeth) are indicative of poor education and upbringing.

Finally, I see no diet pill advertising of any kind, at any time...

It makes me realize...

1. The Japanese population, young and old, support and encourage programing that discuss health science and diet and Japanese TV (and the government) recognize the critical importance of such shows in advancing the education of it's young people.

2. American TV programming (and commercials) is for developing idiots...

and, it's working.

Obesity rate of adults in the US: 35.7%
Obesity rate of adults in Japan: 3.5%