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Craving sweets
An_252076 posted:
I am 55 years old and I crave sweets all the time. How can I break away from this pitfall
cjpxx responded:
1. If you don't already have a blender and/or juicer, go get one.
2. If you don't have an ice maker or ice treys, go get some ice treys.
3. If you would like to have filtered water, and don't have that, go get a container which you can pour your water into.

4. Go to your nearest grocery store and buy the following items:
- frozen strawberries
- frozen blue berries
- frozen rasberries
- frozen blackberries
- fresh bannas (optional)
- frozen coconut shavings (optional)

This is your first trip to the store. After a few trips, begin to mix in other ingredients such as spinach leaves!

These ingredients will be for your fruit smoothies.

Other ingredients you need to pick up:

- Honey
- Agave Nectar

- If you want to try decide if you think you can grow a sugar cane plant, that's probably OK too.

Now, cut the sugar completely out of your house. Cold cut it. This is like quitting smoking. Cigarette smokers typically don't quit unless they quit cold turkey. Alcoholics typically don't do well unless they don't drink at all. Same concept. CUT IT! Anything that's in your house that is the wrong kind of sugar, you need to throw away. Brown sugar is white sugar and molasses. Toss it. White sugar - toss it.

Juice in your house? If it has any sugar in it, guess what? It gets thrown away. You can try buying the frozen 100% juice containers, but check the back of them. Soda/Cokes - toss him. Banana bread - sorry! Desserts - Sorry!

Time to start thinking of dessert as a cup of fruit sprinkled with some coconut shavings.

Your body - if you do this correctly - will go into shock, and start craving sugar more than ever before. This is a good sign, but don't give in. You will use good sugars to satisfy these cravings, and slowly get your body used to less sugar.

So when you're dying for a Hershey bar or something sweet, make yourself a fruit smoothie. That jug of orange juice that's packed with sugar - sorry! It get's tossed also. Your fruit smoothies are made with real fruit, ice, and water.

Jamba Juice stops - you have to ask them to keep sugar out of your drink. Real fruit, ice, and water. No juice! - especially at Jamba Juice, because they have sherbert, and various other items they use that you need to keep your body away from.

Don't cheat! - the more you shock your body, the more you will see results. When you retrain your body, you will feel better probably than you ever have! You will have more energy! You will be healthier! Slowly, you can get off the daily fruit smoothies too, and cut down on that sugar.

Then slowly, the candy bars at the gas stations will start to not taste good to you. You body will not want them. Just like someone who has never smoked a cigarette - if they sit and smoke three - is going to get sick to their stomach.

You have to do this all the way in order to retrain your body. When your body is re-trained, the dark chocolate covered almonds (brain food!) will taste so much sweeter than they used to. Dark chocolate in general will taste sweeter. Cherry tomatoes will taste like candy. And you will begin to find your sweets in other foods. A piece of fruit - You got so sick of fruit when you were having to eat it all the time every time you needed some sugar. But now, you don't eat fruit as often - and it tastes like dessert. Sodas/Cokes - you will have no interest in. You will begin to enjoy hot tea, and hot water with lemon. Drinks that your body wasn't happy with before.

You always wanted that fizz.... Now, you don't really care. But make a goal to not break any rules for at least 1 year. You can't worry about what people think, because you're going to have to say, "I cut sugar" many times to get through. When everyone around you at church or wherever ate those donuts or that cherry pie, and you just want to quit, turn to honey, and maybe put it on a piece of wheat toast with some blue berries

You will feel good after a couple years, and you be proud of your results

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