My New Diet
fenderburn posted:
Hi.. I recently was diagnoset with cirrhosis stage 4 and hepc stage 3,,,I've totally changed my diet to all veggies and turkey, fish, and chicken,,,I eat these same things 7 days a week,,,with some pastas and lots of fruits,,,,,,just in different combinations,,,I stirfry on my stove top and I bake the same food in my oven,,,my question is???? is this a low sodium diet?? I don't add salt but I do love pepper and garlic,,,
brunosbud responded:
Less than 20% of the average American adult's sodium intake is from the salt shaker. The other 80%? Processed Food The biggest source of salt for most Americans? Bread & Cheese If you're eating foods that don't come out of a box, can or plastic bag, you're sodium intake should be at safe levels. Go easy on the oil and fried fats, though, since it's tough to digest. Good luck.