Low calories, WebMD diet plan, started period on birth control
teacherjean2 posted:
I have been carefully following the WebMD diet for two weeks. (5'2", starting weight 207) I have been drinking 8-10 glasses of water, sleeping more, increasing fruits, vegetables and proteins. I still have fats and carbs in my diet, I am just trying to make them better choices. I stop eating by 8pm. For me, my calorie goal is 1079. I know that I can over that and my fitness calories can be used to balance. These are my calories per day: 1048, 1075, 1053, 1045, 1659, 1103, 1203, 1164, 1239, 1198, 1215, 1217, 1588, 1079. Sometimes I am eating an evening snack not because I am hungry but to increase my calorie intake for the day. I add in a greek yogurt or fruit or a side dish like chili beans. My exercise has been mostly jogging on the mini tramp (30 minutes average) but also yard work, house work and walking. Nothing extreme. I lost 5.9 pounds the first week and 1.5 this second week. I take continuous birth control pills to prevent my period and this morning I started a period. (Repeat the 21 day cycle of pills - Nortel I/35) I did not skip a pill or take it later than usual. I have been on this birth control for about 3 years. Are my calories too low? Am I following the calories correctly? Why did I start my period? I want to lose weight and keep it off. I want to eat a balanced diet and not exclude any food type. This is why I thought this diet was right for me. I want a combination of diet and exercise in my weight loss plan.