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Diet for oral health
plazadental posted:
What type of food items do you think is good for healthy, shining white teeth? Does anyone have any ideas? Please share your views.
brunosbud responded:
It's the same diet for obesity, and...
the same diet for coronary artery disease & heart disease, and...
the same for diabetes, and...
the same for colon and breast cancer, and...
the same for rheumatoid arthritis, and...
gout, depression, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and erectile dysfunction...

A rainbow plate of whole foods including a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and nuts and a little fish and lean chicken, for balance.

Gum disease and tooth decay are exploding, in lock-step, with obesity and Type 2 Diabetes among the American adult population. But, no diet will improve oral health if you smoke, drink alcohol, have sleep apnea, ingest a steady flow of prescription meds, supplements and antibiotics and, most importantly, fail to exercise, regularly.

Gee, you're a dentist...Tell us. How often do you see people over the age of 40 with "perfect" teeth?

1 in 3? 1 in 5? 1 in 10? 1 in 20?...

You really need to be doing a lot of things, right, in order to have healthy teeth, imo...
heartgann responded:
Initially, we can really found so many food items that are good for oral health. Sometimes, people should make proper choices and a discipline to make things work for them. Always remember that sugary food items are not good for your teeth might as well those food that contains preservatives because they produced or contribute acids that can increase bacterias to your mouth.

Some foods that I can recommend that can be good for your oral health are fruits that rich in Vitamin C. You can try some food items that are high in calcium like cheese. For vegetables you can try carrots, celery, sweet potatoes as they all contain Vitamin A which is perfect for oral health.

Lastly, don't forget to always drink plenty of water because water serves as cleaner or mouthwash whether you like it or not.
steffanymohan replied to heartgann's response:
Yes, our teeth need several essential vitamins and minerals to function properly. Therefore, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle should be maintained. Green leafy vegetables that are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin B complex can help teeth from bleeding gums, overgrown gums and other gums diseases.
brunosbud replied to steffanymohan's response:
I haven't used tooth paste, sunscreen, hair shampoo, body soap or deodorant in over 10 years. Few dentists, epidemiologists or plastic surgeons will tell you, good health works from the inside, out; not vice-versa. Eating fresh whole foods and advocating active lifestyles is a conflict of interest.

Do veterinarians recommend to their clients to not feed cats and dogs processed pet food? Of course not. Can cats & dogs live beyond 20? Not if you feed them that $#! !

That's life in the medical "Matrix". So, keep shelling out the bucks, go eat your steak and always listen to your health professional.
webdentistin responded:
Besides your regular diet, try including lots of fresh fruits like apples. Crunchy food like apples, carrots etc acts like a natural toothbrush. They can scrub away stain over time and give you white, shinning and sparkling teeth.

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