Feeling Accomplished vs. Feeling Guilty
HarleyQuinn posted:
I'm 25 years old, 5'4" and I weigh 237 pounds. I don't have high blood pressure and I'm not pre-diabetic or anything like that. I just got tired of seeing the pudge in the mirror. I finally started working out and eating better because I want to make a change for the better and I want to preemptively take of any problems that could arise from my being overweight in the future.

I never thought it would be so hard though! I'm eating better but watching my sodium and fats seems impossible some days. I try to work out between 30 - 45 3 days a week of high-intensity cardio, but some days it just feels like work again.

The worst thing is, I never seem to feel proud of myself when I eat a healthy meal or go a little longer on my work out, but it's so easy for me to feel guilty when I have a bad calorie day or don't workour for one reason or another.

Is it just me? I want to celebrate my accomplishments and not scold myself for the off days, but it does seem to work. Maybe I just don't know how.

Any thoughts?

Also, I'm pleased to meet you and new, supportive and positive people are always welcome to say hi just for the sake of it!