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    New To Working Out/Just "Do It"...
    An_252932 posted:
    Hello all,

    Next month I will be 51 years old. My b-day present to myself is to become a healthier, more trim/fit ME. I would say that it has been a good 25 years since I've regularly worked out at a gym. I've done some exercising here and there since then, but nothing consistent. For many years, I maintained what I felt was a good weight for me, which was about 15 lbs. more than what the medical charts say that I should have weighed, but still I was comfortable and enjoyed being that weight, and wearing the size that I did. I now wear a size that is 5.5 sizes larger. In late 2006, the body started changing due to hormones going whackadoodle, and in 2007 I had a partial hysterectomy, which certainly did not help matters any. Though I had been thinking about starting some type of exercise program for the last few mos., on Friday, out of the blue, a little voice in my head said to go check out the local gym. I did, and I joined. After joining, I went home, changed clothes, went back and rode the stationary bike for 1/2 hour. By this time it was 9:00 p.m. Since Friday, I have worked out 5 straight days. Doing 1/2-1 hr. of cardio 4 of the days, and 20 minutes of strength training on one of the days. I also hired a P.T. to work with me once a week for 6 mos. My first official P.T. session is Friday. In addition, I tossed the bad foods in my house, and replaced with healthy foods. I am now counting calories, and measuring my food portions, something that I have NEVER done, and it is actually very enlightening to know how many calories I was consuming. Even though it has only been a week, I truly already physically and mentally feel the difference in my lifestyle change.

    My goal is to lose 50 lbs. of body fat within the next 6 mos, which I feel is a realistic goal. My lifestyle is considered "low physical activity". As I am a very disciplined and determined person, (when I choose to be), I KNOW that I will SUCCEED with my goal. I may even surpass it. As my body structure is big boned, I don't want to get too thin though. As the title reads...Just Do It"...make the choice to be a healthier, better, more fit YOU. You will be glad that you did.
    Christine_Moore responded:
    Hi, there! I am so glad you have decided to get on a healthier track. You have the right thoughts in that exercising regularly and watching what calories you consume can ultimately lead you to your healthy weight. I have personally struggled with weight loss my entire life. I found Take Shape For Life in February 2012 and lost 45 pounds in 7 months. I have kept that weight off now for the past 9 months. I had a free health coach who helped to cheer me on and answer questions. I am now paying it forward by coaching others. If you find that tracking calories becomes difficult or your lifestyle makes it hard to track, consider Take Shape For Life. You can get more information at my website .

    Good luck!
    Fittrim168 replied to Christine_Moore's response:

    Thank you for your comments, and your website address. I will take a look. In my career, I am a numbers person, so actually, the calorie counting has been great, and rather easy for me. Even though I recently started doing this, recording my calories and other nutrients is like 2nd nature to me. I look forward to seeing what the numbers are at the end of the day. Other than one day, since I started this new healthy lifestyle, my calorie intake has been lower than the guideline set for me by the system, and the good thing is that I am pretty much eating a lot of the foods that I ate before...just measuring my food now, using less sodium and I have not been hungry or anxious. However, I have had a few temper flare ups, but I know this is from the body/mind transitioning. I have gone to the gym 8 days out of the last 10. I do cardio for at least 1/2 hr. each visit. 4 of those days I've worked out for a good 1.5 hrs. Yes, I am on a mission..., and I WILL succeed.

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