Fat Loss Factor - Check out my results!
loufx posted:
Fat Loss Factor, helped me! Plus I got in Cheaper, than its advertised!
dieting-and-nutrition I came across them, in another forum. I have been trying to lose weight for 6 years now, yes you might of guessed.. since my son was born. From buying scammy products, to getting coned out of a lot of money for a virtual trainer. The internet is full of them. So before spending another dime, I actually did some research on the Fat Loss Factor. Have you seen how many videos and reviews are out there? And I bet none of them have actually bought the program.
Thank god for forums, we can exchange ideas and experiences. So this program is a little expensive — well for me at least - $50, or so I think, and being a single mum is not easy. Found diet-and-nutrition.com had been advertising the Fat Loss Factor for less money, I paid $37, since it does have a money back guarantee. Well I am happy to say that I have been following the program to every detail, from organic foods …to walking a couple of hours a day… 5 weeks and I've lost 6 KG! Well done to me