Weight gain after gastric bypass
Shannyb86 posted:
I had my gastric bypass surgery 2010 I was 495 at my highest weight and I was 258 at my lowest I dropped 155 in the 1st year and then got pregnant right before my year was up at my highest weight with my being pregnant I was 318 and my son is now 14 months and I'm still at that weighty gaol weight was 180 and I was thinking about giving the surgery another go but I heard a few ppl say once they started acting right and added some activity to their daily routine the weight came back off but my eating habits have gotten so bad its like I never even had the surgery someone please help me
MyGoodHealth54 responded:
Obviously, the wall of the remaining after the bypass are stretching because of the old eating habits. Portion control is very important and exercises for the mid-body. Drinking one glass of water with 2-3 tbsp lemon juice before meals and cut in a half your portions from what is your current intake. After a month cut from this half another half. Add tamarind paste (can find in Tai /Asian market) to the meals. It suppress the appetite. Hope you will get good results. I've lost 60 lb for 7-8 months. PA