meal bar replacement suggestion needed
mad_mike posted:
as a hypoglycemic, i've used the Glucerna meal bars for years to help control my spikes. after trying all of the different bars, i found the chocolate/peanut version to help me the most. using the bar with carefully chosen meals, i've lost nearly 80 lbs and have kept the majority of it off for way over a year.

the past several months, they've been difficult to find, and i finally inquired at their website and was told it had been discontinued and they suggested i try another type.

sorry, i've been there.

i need a quick fix for this, my supply is dwindling (i buy ahead) quickly. the chocolate/peanut combo seems best at keeping the spikes from happening. maybe the fat/sugar content, not sure.

so rather than reinvent the wheel, i'm hoping some of you here have found a workaround?
mad_mike responded:
no one else uses this product i guess. glucerna has several good bars, but the peanut/chocolate for me, is the best. i hate to see it go.

i've tried the others and they're ok, but i don't think i could eat as them as often.

i bought a couple of boxes of extend? i think they're called. supposed to keep sugar levels even for up to 9 hours. i'll give them a go for a few days and see.

for me, keeping the weight off is more difficult than losing it, and the worst part of keeping it off, is the cravings i have when my sugar drops. i'm not really hungry, i just feel the need to eat. if i can keep the sugar level, i don't get the shakes and don't get hungry. sometimes i forget to eat, even. can you believe that? never in my life have i had THAT problem!