Dr. Sanchez on Obesity
brunosbud posted:
"Metabolism & Nutrition: The Inside Story of Obesity"
by Dr. Henry Sanchez, Professor of Clinical Pathology at UC San Francisco

I'm posting this 90 minute video for 3 reasons...

One of the best ways to learn why we manifest certain symptoms and conditions in conjunction with obesity is to listen to a pathologist, a person who studies how diseases manifest and cause harm. Dr. Sanchez not only explains, he shows exactly why obesity is, without question, a disease.

Two, by understanding the "pathology" of obesity and diabetes, you can see why lifestyle changes in diet and exercise are essential in losing weight...There are many ways to lose "it", but there's really only one way to lose it, forever.

Lastly, once you observe, by real-life example, what obesity is doing to your liver, your eyes, your heart, your hips & knees, I hope you'll become motivated, more than ever, to take action, now!