weight loss and cleanse products
wsansing posted:
My wife and I are middle-agers and committed to losing weight and improving our lifestyle. We recently tired a 30 day routine of Plexus with much disappointment. We do feel better, but believe this is due to better eating, rest, and beginning to exercise. Can you recommend the best weight loss and cleanse products? Even if the Plexus had worked as expected, we can't afford the $200/month....or don't want to. A local full-gym membership isn't but about 25 bucks...are we just overlooking the obvious? Exercise, Eat Right, Sleep enough, and Drink plenty of water? We do feel the cleanse thing might be worth something.
brunosbud responded:

The National Weight Control Registry was established in 1994 by Rena Wing, PHD from Brown Medical School and James O. Hill, PHD from the University of Colorado. It's the largest prospective investigation of long-term successful weight loss maintenance.

Of the over 10,000 members in this ongoing study, why not research how many members attribute "cleanse" to their improved health and long term weight loss success? Good luck and congratulations on your renewed commitment.

Question: Why is it when a child is not performing well in the classroom, the first solution is to find them a "tutor"?

Healthy Students = Successful Learners

"You cannot educate a child who is not healthy and you cannot keep a child healthy who is not educated."
Dr. Jocelyn Elders, former US Surgeon General

I mention this quote because it applies, exactly, to the student's parents!

You cannot lose weight if you are not healthy and you cannot maintain weight loss if you're not educated!