Buying veggies; frozen or fresh
cindigal posted:
I am just like everyone that want to change their diets, exercise, etc. for the good. When I shop I usually buy the bag of chicken breasst, boneless and skinless. I cook them every way except fried. I am also on a strict budget so I when I shop I try to be thrifty. I like the bags of spinach leaves in the produce section. I find out that I can make several salads from one bag of spinach. I add my own things like red onion, tomatoes and cucumbers. Those are the few produce items that Ii buy because some are high. My question to anyone or everyone is what do you think about frozen veggies vs. fresh. I have to admit that sometimes i rush through the store and dont pay attention to that. What is more budget friendly; frozen or fresh..??

Additionally, when I buy pasta I buy the whole wheat kind and make my sauce which usually is tomatoe paste, diced tomatoes and add my spices. I am trying to limit alot carbs and sugar and then I was I dismayed when I saw a segment of Dr. Oz's show when they had a diet person and he says that any pastas turn into sugar and add the pounds. When I heard that, I was very distraught because i thought I doing something good buying whole wheat pasta. What is your take on this. I dont buy pasta alot, sometimes I buy it once or twice a month.

jmclaughlin521 responded:
Hi! I would go with fresh over frozen whenever possible. And a quick recipe for you with fresh spinach! Pour a couple tablespoons into a pan, add some crushed garlic, cover the pan and saut? over low-med heat for 5 minutes. Wash your spinach, drop it into pan (make sure garlic is soft) and place the lid on for 2 minutes. Take the spinach, oil and garlic, pour onto plate and squeeze fresh lemon over the top. It is delicious, low cal, and fresh! Enjoy!