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bina9423 posted:
Hi, I'm only 19 and I'm obese. I currently weigh 250 pounds. I was much healthier 2 years ago and then I lost my father suddenly and began stress eating and put on all the weight. I have tried dieting several times but failed. I feel like if i had someone to diet with i could do it because i can be competitive but also supportive and need support from others. unfortunately i dont have anyone. right now im on day 4 of my diet, the first 3 days were easy except late night cravings, but today i feel like going to an all you can eat buffet and eating everything!! i feel so hungry and i want my comfort foods and the foods i like, especially cheese and fried things. i just need some tips or some support to stay strong, i want to live a healthy life. my father passed of a heart attack and i have a family history of heart failure and diabetes. in fact, almost every person in my family thats over 30 has diabetes. im in college, im working towards my future and i want a healthy life. also i have bad self esteem about my body and it causes relationship problems not to mention my jeans no longer fit. somebody please help!
Tweety1969 responded:
I will tell you from experience, do not Diet, This is a change for the rest of your life. Join a gym get into a weight workout class and eat right and exercise. If you really want this and believe me I know its hard make the right choice and do it right and if your doing everything you can and are still having trouble losing weight, talk to a trainer if that doesn't work, then go see your Doctor, something else maybe going on with your body and also don't drink stuff just cause it says Diet or low sugar and you can always go see a Dietitian, Maybe see your dr first have him/her do a panel of blood wrk check your thyroid and sugar levels , hormones ETC.. then go do the next step and join a gym. You can do this. Good Luck
brunosbud replied to Tweety1969's response:
I second your reco.

Hell, it's no mystery how to lose weight. Yeah, it involves changing your diet and increasing your daily activity. But, that's the easy part. It requires so much more. It demands you dig deep. It asks you to go places you've never been. This is the challenge of defeating addiction. It's the ultimate test because the "enemy" is ourselves.

The people who eventually beat addiction are motivated and smart, willing to learn and eager to work hard. The physical and mental transformation a person undergoes in order to recapture health and wellness is one of the most rewarding and inspiring life lessons you'll ever receive. You'll look back on your journey, shake your head and wonder, "...How in the world??..."

A life-altering experience like that, "costs"; it's not suppose to be easy. This is why Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, imo, are elegant, "beautiful" diseases. They are perfectly avoidable and beatable...but, you just have to fight like a junkyard dog to do it.
thisismylife11 responded:
do check out this interesting web site for your case , there are many easy and effecient diet plans and diet recipes , good luck

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