An_254112 posted:
I am 100 pounds over my body mass. I have set a goal to lose 80 pounds. I have acid reflux and no gall bladder. Can someone please tell me the right foods to make and the foods to stay away from. Any positive response is greatly appreciated...Thanks for reading..
notmeyet responded:
I watched my husband lose 75 lbs. No carbs, and no sugar. (even when you try to eliminate all carbs and sugar you still manage to get some) If you try to keep that in mind, cut out all breads, no potatoes or starches(corn, beans) you will lose weight. Its not that hard. . . you can eat pretty normal meals and snacks without carbs and sugar. you can still have eggs and cheese, and meats and lots of veggies. We broil and bar b q mostly when cooking meats. I am starting now to stick to this, I need to lose about 75 lbs. You sound like me I get acid reflux too and have no gall bladder I also bought myself a new treadmill and exercise bike. We get a lot of snow in the winter and I am tired of feeling so unhealthy check out the new treadmill aerobics/dance on Youtube. It looks fun (although that is my goal) not quite ready for that yet. Goodluck