Gaining Weight for 21 year old male
An_254183 posted:

Iam a 21 year old male.For the last 3 years,there were some issues like neck pain(forward head posture),depression and as the result i did not take care of myself,now im getting better i have been doing regular exercised (almost ) for the neck pain and my mood seems to be elevated when compared to previous situation.

Now let me come to the actual question: i have lost much weight and my current weight is 48 KG,i would like to gain weight in a healthy manner.
Also i cannot do weight training as i have this neck issue(not a problem but better to avoid ).so can you suggest me a proper diet so that i can gain weight.

totallywiggedout responded:
Perhaps you should read this and make adjustments to your present intake by increasing lean protein, grains/beans and legumes, and low fat dairy servings. Cut out any unhealthy foods which only give you empty calories and don't help you build lean muscle mass.
snack chips, crackers, sodas and white breads all have high calories and you may think these would be good choices but they are unhealthy choices full of fats, sugars, sodium and artificial additives that won't help your body metabolize nutrients well.

hope this helps
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