Metabolism influences weight
monicko posted:
Personally, I believe that metabolism dictates the type of weight loss scheme one has to follow. That is exactly why different people have different opinions over a specific weight loss plan, or weight gain as a matter of fact. what is your say on this?

brunosbud responded:
OK, sure. Makes sense...

With that said, most vets (and pet groomers) will tell you that the majority of adult dogs and cats are overweight or obese...Easy access to food, deadly snacks, insufficient exercise...Sound vaguely familiar? In fact, the common vet joke is, "Show me an overweight dog and I'll show you an overweight _____" Do you think dogs and cats are suddenly experiencing a "slow metabolism" epidemic? Did you know that cancer, diabetes, arthritis, depression and hypothyroidism are common conditions that many of our pets experience in adulthood, too?

Lifestyle diseases originate from the poor regulation of blood glucose. That's how blood pressure increases. That's how kidneys go south. That's how Alzheimer's fogs the memory. That's how people loose limbs from Neuropathy. That's how joints grow painful from Arthritis. That's what compromises our immune system (ie. cancer).

And, of course, that's how people get fat...

The two greatest factors that influence blood sugar (and slow metabolism)? #1 Diet #2 Exercise

How can a birthing hormone (HCG) or a coffee bean prevent a Jelly Doughnut, Kraft Mac 'N Cheese or a Bagel smothered with cream cheese from blasting your blood sugar to Kingdom Come? How can any aid increase your metabolism, long term?
gomezeureka responded:
Yes I totally agree with that. I have been struggling to lose weight and almost tried different methods in losing weight fast. I also have a big problem with my weight loss but I tried to use those supplements from <a href="">Galore health store</a> and it has help me lose 15 lbs and help me deal with my sluggish metabolism. So I'd personally believe that metabolism dictate the type of program that would best fit to your diet and exercise.
heartgann responded:
Technically, if a person's metabolism is fast then you won't get fat faster because your body can digest the food and nutrition you are giving in. However, when someone's metabolism is actually slow then the chance of accumulating fats can be very obvious because someone will definitely gain weight.
nycjudy responded:
While metabolism is a factor in weight loss, I believe there are a number of factors behind what dietary regime is best for a particular person. I can certainly imagine that two people might have the same metabolic speed but would have different nutritional requirements.