Multi-Vitamins... are they necessary , I read conflicting opinions
cindigal posted:
I do take a multivitamin every day for woman over 50 but I have read either on the news or TV that the jury is still out regarding taking them. Some say that if you get enough nutrition, you dont need them. If you look at the labels, they list vitamins, minerals from A-Z practically. My thinking was that no amount of food you ingest in a day has all those vitamins. I mean, I don't think they add weight, or they. I have taking them regularly for a long time. And women over 50 like me they are essential. What do you think about them.

vivoib51 responded:
I feel the same way - been taking MVs for years and I'm a 62 yr male. I'd say ask your dr and follow their advice; MVs to me are like an insurance policy - you probably don't need them but for the small price you pay you know you're getting covered - make sense?

Good luck!
stellagonzalez responded:
Recently I stopped taking multivitamin, since I'm trying to get my nutrients from food and from nature like from vitamin D from sun. In that manner I save money also.
brunosbud replied to stellagonzalez's response:
Exactly, stella.

"...Although an estimated 28 million Americans are currently at risk for osteoporosis, predictions for the future are much gloomier. Some scientists estimate that half of all women and 20% of men older than 50 will suffer an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime. Changed and changing nutritional patterns in American women over the past half century, including the propensity for weight-loss diets, have created an epidemic waiting to happen..."

It's estimated that 50% of all adults in America supplement their diet with vitamins. The recent reports from Mayo don't suggest to stop taking vitamins; it only reports that there's little verifiable evidence to indicate they help in any measurable way. Multi-vitamins clearly have not slowed the ongoing diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis epidemic in this country. So, researchers are, now, posing the question, "Why take them?"

I don't how others would answer this question but I can tell you why I don't. I view taking vitamins to buying insurance. When I pay my auto insurance premiums, I have confidence that should I get into an accident, I have a safety-net, in-place, to help capture the loss. But, if I took vitamins, should I develop some catastrophic disease or life-threatening condition, would the drug makers help me when I come to them for help? Bottomline: When it comes to our health, there is no one holding a safety-net to catch our falls. Anyone who deludes themselves in thinking you can "buy" good health deserves exactly what they pay for...

Apparently, nothin'...
stellagonzalez replied to brunosbud's response:
Hey Bruno if I found that I get all those nutrients from food and from other natural things then why should I go for any type of multivitamin supplements. In fact no one in my family have taken this supplement not even my mom. Only the thing is we have to take extra care of what we are eating, rigorously follow a healthy lifestyle and a regular exercise that gives us enough nutrients and vitamins.