Stomach Fat
ambiyah posted:
Hello. I have had a big stomach for qutie a number of years. Most of my weight is in this area and I understand that this area is the most difficult to lose. How can I lose the stomach fat and keep it off?
brunosbud responded:
My advice to anyone wishing to lose weight, in general, whether its 2 lbs or 200. Begin a daily exercise program, first. If you haven't exercised in quite a while, start off slow...walk 15 minutes daily for the first week. If you can do that easily without excessive soreness or pain, increase the walk times by 5 minutes increments. I recommend two walks of 20 minutes duration vs one 40 minute walk because exercise after meals controls blood glucose (diabetes). Once you've firmly ingrained your exercise "habit", slowly begin to cut back on food portions. Little by little, week to week, eat a little less than the week, before. Finally, the last step, is slowly begin to change the kinds of foods you eat. Eat more fresh, whole foods.

For me, this slow, methodical process took almost 2 years to lose just 35 pounds. But, it worked and I have not regained a single pound back. Why? Because, now, I exercise, everyday, and I eat far more healthier than I've eaten my entire life. This is how I lost my gut. Just remember, exercise is absolutely key. You must learn to love it and this is not easy. Hope this helps.
mariajohnson responded:
To reduce stomach fat you need to reduce the calorie consumption. Drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and have more fruits.
katellawellnesscenter replied to mariajohnson's response:
As far as my opinion is concern, The easy and effective way to reduce fat is exercise.Apart from exercise you can take green tea daily and join Indian yoga classes if possible.