Acacia for treatment of severe constipation IBS
grampa66 posted:
I'm writing on behalf of my 86 year old mother. She has suffered constipation IBS for decades and which is getting increasingly debilitating.

Her current daily regimen includes 5 tablespoons of acacia in water, split over each of her 3 meals per day. She has used acacia for years and upped her intake to 5 tablespoons about 2 years ago at the advice of the website which supplies her acacia. I question the veracity of any advice from this site, especially since that site's individual is NOT an MD and has been sited as a fraud.

Mom has lost over 20 pounds, is now below 100 pounds and is 5'3". She has loss of balance, increasingly foggy thought process, excessive fatigue and a complete loss of appetite.

Many sites state acacia's main use is for appetite suppression and weight loss. These sites also list side effects of gas and bloating - my mother's main complaints.

Other sites state just the opposite. I am at a loss. My mother seems to be starving to death in front of my eyes.


brunosbud responded:
How often does she walk a day? I'm not talking exercise, mind you. I'm just talking brief, 5-10 minute, strolls. In other words, does she get out of that chair?
grampa66 replied to brunosbud's response:
She walks only to go to the bathroom, kitchen, or to get in the car when I take her to her various doctor appointments.

She's a lifelong sufferer of arthritis, had arthroscopic surgery in her left knee 6 years ago which is now painful again and requires the use of a cane.

On top of all that, she suffered a compression stress fracture of the spine 2 months ago. The brace she wears barely allows her to breath, much less go for a walkabout.

Combine all this with her lack of balance and walking is severely limited.

But please stay on point - Is her daily intake of 5 Tbsp of acacia the base cause of her appetite and weight loss???