just found this site
2bwell posted:
I just found this site, looking for some inspiration, support, I joined a site last year that helped me quit smoking now I need to lose weight, I just start out with good intentions then they go to heck by the end of the day I am eating a bag of chips couple bowls of ice-cream and what ever else is in the house oh chocolate can't forget that. so I was wondering if this site is active guess I will find out if anyone responds right? Anyway I want to eat well, no sugar, and no processed foods, and exercise regularly and would love to have some support .
sun2alon responded:
I have been trying to lose weight for a year and can seem to kick my 2 glasses of wine a night. THAT puts on lots of calories but I have the same mental trap you do. By the end of the day I rationalize it and give in. I am going to try to substitute something else for my wine or maybe do an exercise.
mariajohnson responded:
Well, I too had lost my weight. I drink plenty of water, avoid, junk food, have low fat foods and exercise regularly. Exercising is very essential if you want to lose weight.