sun2alon posted:
Hoping this site will motivate me. My biggest hurdles will be to exercise daily and to not drink. I don't drink to excess but I drink daily (2 glasses of wine or beer) and as I get older it just goes straight to my waist. I had set a goal last year to be jogging by now but got sick over the holidays and now I just feel like I'm so behind and starting over. It's depressing but I'm excited to be in this community and hope I can stick with it this time. I need a life change!

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holdingat47 responded:
I never had much of a weight problem until I quit smoking!! However, I have been maintaining the same weight for several years. Definitely not the weight I want to be!! I drink too many diet cokes and I'm trying to stop that bad habit. Exercise is also a pain. I quit smoking about ten years ago and I still can't catch my breath when I try to jog. Maybe I give up too easy. It is so hard doing this on my own but I know if I can quit the nasty cigarette habit I can do this also!! I'm hoping this site will motivate me also!
christacharm responded:
I'm new on here, too! I put weight on after a herniated disc in my spine and end of a relationship (blah, blah, blah). I actually started working a few months ago as the office manager of several Planet Fitness gyms in my state, so I have a wonder support group. But it's slow going. Not sure if it's my age (38) or what. Very frustrating. Good luck and hopefully we can all jump these hurdles together!