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Third Day on Belviq - Here's My Experience
conniefabulous posted:
I just started Belviq three days ago. My starting weight is 203 and I'm 5' 3". After taking my first dose, I had zero appetite which is very unusual for me. I didn't feel like eating anything at all, not even my favorite foods. I literally had to force myself to eat a few bites of food for the next 2 1/2 days. I ate an ounce of steak, a few bites of rice and corn, watermelon, cantelope, pretzels, a cup of oatmeal and a half of a bagel with sausage with cheese. I also drank a lot of green tea. That was my entire food list for the two days. I had no hunger pangs or desire to eat. I'm sensitive to new medications so I attributed the loss of appetite to this.

Today is day three and I just took my morning dose and I'm hungry. I feel like my old self again, hungry, food looks good, sounds good and a good old fashioned binge sound like a great time. However, I only have the 15 days on Belviq due to the free trial and I'm trying to use these days as a "kick off" to a healthier lifestyle of eating; not a fad crash diet. I don't have insurance that will pay for any of my prescription even though my doctor is more than willing to write it for me. My BMI is 36. (despite knowing that the initial weight loss isn't a "real" fat loss, I still weighed myself this morning and I was down 3.5 pounds)

I have felt no adverse symptoms that I see reported by others. No headache, nausea, dizziness, constipation, ect. I have seen that for others, their appetite diminishes around day four and continues to decrease as the weeks progress. I'm hoping that will be the case with me. I'm wishing I didn't feel hungry again.

I'm debating whether or not to refill my prescription when I finish my free trial and after reading up on the medication. Studies show that the weight loss is "minimal" at best so I will wait until the last minute to decide. Funny, as I'm writing this, a Belviq commercial came on. I wonder if this is a sign.

I have also read of other people combining the start of Belviq with a three to seven day juice cleanse. Had I known that I would have lost my appetite entirely for the first 2.5 days, I would have done it too. Today I'm feeling the effects of not consuming enough calories. I feel a little weak(ish) like you would when you skip a couple of meals in a row. Today I will be eating in moderation and be making wise food choices. Since I do only have the 15 days, I'm really working hard to use them to my advantage. I'm also starting yoga with a private instructor who is in the process of getting licensed. She needs to teach so many hours free so it works out for both of us.

Will update more on my progress.
kitwg65 responded:
all sounds good to me. kind of motivates me to start doing my diet more conscientously. I just hate dieting I go so far as to only call it changing my food plan. loll. Good luck to you and the Yoga is a great idea. I am doing water aerobics. But gotta find a food plan. worried about most meds as I had 3 heart attacks and don't know what would trigger anything. But I will do this. Blessings on you. Kitwg65
conniefabulous replied to kitwg65's response:
Hi kitwg65

I have always wanted to try water aerobics. Low impact, soothing water and when you sweat, no one can tell. lol The perfect combination if you ask me!

Well, I have finished my two week trial of Belviq and let me tell you there is a H U G E difference in my appetite! It was subtle at first the BAM! it hit all at once and I was HUNGRY! It sucked! I didn't realize how much that little blue pill actually suppressed my desire to eat until I was no longer taking it. While I was on it, food wasn't the first thing I thought of. I could be around it, and not drool over it. I wasn't always thinking of when my next meal was or looking at the clock and planning out what to eat when. Normally I would plan my day around my meals rather than listen to my body and just eat whenever I felt hungry. Now that I am no longer taking the Belviq, I am once again thinking "when can I eat, what will I eat next, I know I'm not hungry but I really want"026." When talking Belviq, you don't really have thoughts of eating when your not hungry. Late night was really my hardest time. I would love to eat junk while watching tv and staying up late for no reason at all. While taking Belviq, I didn't think about snacking. It was about four days after stopping the medicine that I was up late when I was snacking and all of a sudden I realized that I was eating for no reason other than I was bored. All that work, tracking my food, determination, down the drain. I had lost 9 pounds in the 15 days and was feeling motivated. It was wonderful to have that extra "help" from Belviq - that mindset that goes with taking the med. It's hard to explain exactly how it works but it really does. You won't get a shaky feeling like some diet pills give you so don't look for that "rush". It's so subtle you may not even notice you are taking it until you notice that you no longer want to eat the same junk you used to. For some it's right away and for others it may take a few days or even up to a week. Either way, take your time, trust the process and I highly recommend tracking your food every single day. Track every single bite! Seeing what you are eating makes a difference. Especially when taking Belviq. You will see the proof for yourself. This medication works!

I have not been paid for my review by Belviq or any other pharmaceutical company. This review is my own. I used a coupon for Belviq in a magazine for a free 15 day trial.

Kitwg65, You can do this! I would definitely check with your doctor though with the heart attack risk factor and the medication! I don't know anything about that at all. I know with lots and lots of support, you CAN lose weight without any medication and I can be a support for you! There's one person! is another source of support! It's a fantastic community of people all looking to lose weight, meet with others of like mind and lots of discussion boards, tips, recipes ect. It's free too! You can track your food and exercise on there too and it calculates your calories.

I'm praying for you my friend. We've got this!

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