sgafkjen posted:
I am looking for information on the Slimgenics weight loss program.

It is big on increasing your metabolism with their "snacks", wondering how safe & healthy it is in the end.
MichelleFossil responded:
People have had sucess with this diet but it is not worth the price when you start you pay over 700 just for the counseling during your weight loss. Then the snacks and drinks they require will cost you thousands. There basic plan is to basicly limit your intake of the higher calorie and require you eat more lower calorie so they give you a list of foods. But if you would like to do this your self limit your protien to only 8 oz a day and limit your starches to only two times a day half a cup or one slice of bread is a portion. Then eat a cup of fruit a day no added sugar and then eat as many veggies as you want but only frozen and fresh to limit your salt intake.