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herbal gastric balloon
Melodyl70 posted:
Has anyone heard of this? supposedly it is in pill form, when swallowed it swells up in your stomach, to give you a full feeling. supposedly, you won't feel hungary for 6 hours. It is a nonsurgical form of the gastric balloon.
kel62417 responded:
I was wondering the same thing. (If anyone has heard of it.) I got the brochures in the mail. I've been scammed by weight loss wonder pills before, not sure I want to go there again.
tonycohenster responded:
It's such a simple and fine idea that's probably not going to be marketed because of business loss predicted by the Obesity and Medical industries...(so called DMI's.. or Disease Maintainence Organizations)

A chewable and inexpensive product called PRETTS was available ~ 20 years ago with the same mechanism. I don't think it survived...not sure.

Would be interested in your attempts in this matter.
mainedeb responded:
Hello all, I just received the same information and I am also very curious about this product....any more news on whether it is real or something that could cause serious injury to the intestines and stomach
mainedeb responded:
That's funny, I just posted the same question.....I just received info on this product also!! I am very curious about it.....keep in touch.
JackieMcQ responded:

If it's the same stuff I fell for, don't buy it. It's metamucil. And not that great. I wondered what would happen if I just let the capsules disolve in a glass of water. The water got a little thicker, but hardly anything that would make any difference at all. It didn't work. Save your money.

oregoncountrygirl responded:
Hi; I was hoping someone has seen the magazine with the article about the pill that you take with water and it swells up to be like the surgical balloon for weight loss...I saw it in a magazine in May but I don't remember the name of the magazine and you could purchase this pill for like 108.00 for like a 3 month supply...if you wanted to loose lots of weight you take 2 or if you wanted to loose a little weight you took was an experimental type drug and the magazine found a women who lost a lot of weight on it...can anyone help me? God Bless
Aligia responded:
Hello, I saw the same article about 1 week ago. It was in Cosmopolitan. I have been researching on the internet about this product. Turns out there are a few products being tested similar to the article we saw on the magazine. I've been struggling with my weight after I gave birth to my daughter. She is 3 now and I am 40 lbs. overweight. I was thinking of purchasing this product but I am still a little skeptical about it. It sounds to good to be true. I hope it is though. I did go online to check out the patents. If you read all the article it had 2 patent numbers and according to the article it had received to patent awards. As I kept on reading the article the more excited I got about this pill. But I just want to be 100% sure it is safe. If you have any info please let me know.

eliguns841984 responded:
resurrecting an old post here but I don't know that it's a fair trial to dissolve the pill in a glass of water. I know nothing about the safety of these pills but the acids and enzymes in the intestinal tract wouldl ikely break down the pill in a completely different way than water in a glass would.

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