Fast Food Breakfast Slide Show! What's your go to a.m. meal?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
Check out this slide show!

I have a new neighbor who moved here from Israel - she was shocked by American breakfasts - bread and meat and more bread and grease. She took me to a local Israeli restaurant and the breakfast special was hummus and a green salad for breakfast - I loved it! Might try and incorporate into this all-American household

What is your go-to breakfast?


And just for fun, what is your fave unhealthy breakfast? (Eggs Benedict or pancakes for me!)
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Foreverinyoureyes2 responded:

I have 2 'go-to' breakfasts.

First is steel cut oatmeal. I have a variety of ways that I prepare it. My very favorite is to add 1t of peanut butter, a tiny dollop of nutella and some honey, I have also cut up an apple or banana into this concontion before.

Sometimes I just add craisins and pecans and sweeten it with a few drops of real maple syrup. I also like fresh strawberries and walnuts with some cinnamon sugar for sweetness.

My other go to is less exciting, it is just eggs. Boiled or scrambled, perhaps with a sprinkle of cheese.

My favorite unhealthy breakfast is to go to Cracker Barrel and get 1 egg over mediam, 2 slices of ex crisp bacon, hasbrown casserole and 1 pecan pancake.
Tomato05 responded:
I usually have a few chopped egg-whites for breakfast (2 or 3) that I mix with fresh parsley and cilantro, alfalfa sprouts and maybe a chopped chilli or some baby spinach. I add some fish sauce or Worcestershire sauce for flavouring, and sprinkle Thai spice over it too.

Occasionally I'll have miso soup or yogurt and 1/2 apple for breakfast, or even fruit in jelly and V8 veg juice.

I'm not really a cereal eater.

I never eat out for breakfast, unless I'm travelling and staying in a hotel. Then I'll have salad from the breakfast buffet and get a hard-boiled or poached egg with it.

My unhealthy breakfast is "no breakfast" on some days when I just don't feel like eating breakfast. Luckily those days are now infrequent - I exercise and cannot keep up a decent session without having eaten breakfast.