Does stress affect your diet?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
If you diet a lot, you may be more likely to overeat in times of stress, a new survey suggests. Click the link to read the whole article.

Do you find yourself in times of stress, giving up on a healthy eating plan and just saying 'I'll eat what I want to!"

Let's share some ways to beat that diet busting stress! (A quick walk around the block does it for me...usually!)

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rollerskating responded:
under stress I can get depressed and then have no desire to move I eat...
showcando responded:
Yes!! I automatically think about eating something when I have a stressful moment - it has nothing to do with hunger! I eat for comfort. But I am trying to incorporate other behaviors that would take the place of eating. I grab a favorite book to read, make a phone call, turn on some music - anything that will divert my attention to something else. I am becoming much more aware of my habits and trying to replace the bad ones with better ones!
susan031 responded:
Hi.. I am not in stress but I eat more... and when I am in stress I don't want to eat but I will be sick.. I was overweight and thanks to google I found this one
mariajohnson responded:
Yeah in stress I too tend to eat more. When we are in stress we feel hungry and we eat more than usual.