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Reducing Cellulite, what works and what doesn't
emiemers posted:
Do Body Wraps Reduce Cellulite?An "herbal wrap" often contains honey, eucalyptus, clay, butter, chocolate and or rosemary. These attemps to lose cellulite are providing an ever popular option for spas.

Typically the spa will start you off with a body scrub and then a shower to remove the oils or scents used. You are then taken to a dimly lit massage type room, with relaxing noises or music in the background. They may have you lay on a warmed massage table covered in the plastic they will use to wrap you, and followed by towels or a thermal blanket to keep you warm.

You are then wrapped mummy style, with your arms by your sides in the herbal preparation followed by the warm towels or electric blankets. You'll stay this way for about 30 minutes, typically long enough for you to develop a bit of a sweat.

Your body is then cooled down slowly, and the layers are peeled off. With this newly exfoliated skin and pores that are now wide open, a lotion is typically applied so really soak in the moisturizing benefits.
What you will have is plump, smooth feeling skin. But you will also still have cellulite. These body wraps may improve the appearance of your skin for a couple of days, but you are not losing cellulite nor sucking out fat.

So if you are looking for a relaxing moisturizing experience, this is 85 dollars well spent. Just don't expect to detoxify your body, slim down, or lose cellulite.
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Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP responded:
Hi and thanks for your posting. Cellulite is simply your external or subcutaneous skin attaching to the fat underneath and then being pulled down by gravity resulting in the dimpling. Part of this is genetic and the other is how much fat you're carrying on your body. The only effective treatment is to burn the fat through cardio and weight lifting and to rein in your calories with a balanced diet.

I love herbal wraps. They feel good and are very relaxing and leave your skin smooth as silk. They do not, however, yield any sustainable changes in your sagging fat.

Dr Peeke