Remedy for an Aching Back after Running or Brisk Walking
Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP posted:
Many people complain of an aching back after brisk walking, running or even vigorous hiking. There's a saying in medicine--- "The stronger the abs, the stronger the back". If you're having issues with your back, one thing you'll need to do for sure is to concentrate more on your core training. Strong core muscles keep your back from getting out of alignment as you move. Those powerful abs can prevent the pelvic tilting that can happen as you run or walk intensely.

Lie on your back, bend your knees and fold up, knees to chest with your arms around your legs, hands clasped together. You're in a fetal position on your back. Gently roll back and forth. This gives your back it's own massage. Now when you roll forward see if you can hold the position almost sitting up but keeping your feet off the ground. That takes strong ab muscles. This is a Pilates move. Ultimately you want to extend your legs straight up and be sitting on your rear pelvis. This is a neat exercise in that your back and your core are involved.

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Mind your Abs and you'll have a strong back as well.

Dr Peeke
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