2 tips for weight loss
Anon_77886 posted:
Tip 1: Eat a healthy sized portion of vegetables BEFORE you eat your meal. I guess this is the idea of having a salad first, but I think it works better with heartier vegetables. Today I unintentionally ate a bowl of steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots with pepper before I ate my lunch. When I ate the proper lunch, I could only get through half of my usual portion.

Tip 2: Stay busy! I have been so busy lately that I don't THINK about food as much as usual. I don't think about food until my stomach feels a dire need to eat. (You just need to be aware of not overeating when you do get the chance). When you are really consumed in what you do and/or are doing things that excite you, you won't feel as much of a need for a food treat. Your activities are your treat.

Doing things that really engage the mind will have the same effect. For example, If I am playing an online game of scrabble - I don't find myself thinking, "hmmmm, a bowl of ice cream would be good right now" the way I would if I was just watching tv. When my mind is really engaged in something - my mind is NOT on food!

Perhaps that will work for you too!
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jean4u responded:
Really good tips!