Tasty lowfat item
Anon_77886 posted:
Irene introduced me to a healthier peanut butter!


I was stocking up for hurricane and the food store was almost completely out of peanut butter. I found this, Better'n, on the shelf and now I love it.

It's fresh peanut butter. They claim to have only 100 claories and 2 grams of fat for 2 tablesoons (half the calories of regular). I love peanut butter and even though many diets say you can have it in moderation, I find the calories just add too much to my daily intake. But at 50 calories for 1 tablespoon this works. What a treat!
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jis4judy responded:
what are the ingredients on it 's label?
I buy healthy peanut butter that has just peanuts on the label a trace of salt but it has 95 cals per tablespoon
I would like to know how they reduced the calories and fat they had to add something else ..
Hugs Judy:)
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evergreen62 responded:
I'll stay with my Natty PB as well. Even though it's twice the calories, it's just peanuts and salt, meaning it has a good blend of protein, fiber, and healthy fats...all which is good for satiety. Look at the label on Better'n , the 2nd ingredient is tapioca syrup, followed by cane syrup, rice syrup, refined flour, starch, etc.

Protein: Natural PB: 8g; Better'n 4g
Carbs: Natural PB 5g; Better'n 13g

Basically, Better'n has taken out the healthy stuff and replaced it with cheap carbs, which only begats cravings for more cheap carbs.