An_242266 posted:
Please help if anyone has any answers, I am an Female Adult age 45, I have OAS and severe Food Allergies! There are very few foods I can eat, esp. Fruits & Veges, I do better eating early on and get progressively worse as the day goes on. I have lost over 10lbs and very few foods that I can eat. I get bumps on my tongue, sort of Hives like. Been tested for everything under the sun, but very healthy except for the Food Allergies an OAS, I live in the Dessert. I do go to a very Good Allergist and he said Shots will not help me. I am allergic to Grass and sometime of Ragweed for outdoor Allergies. I just canceled my Appt. at Mayo, I really don't think they can help and have spoken to a few people who have gone there. I have to take Allergra, Singular & Predisone as needed, but seems like I need Predisone more and more just to be comfortable eating. I am going to a local ENT for a 2nd opinion who also treats Allergies even though I am very happy with my Doc. Just confused how I could get this ill. Any Suggestions?
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